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Twitter-Exclusive content, contests and promotions

While “twixclusive” may horribly bastardize the gain real twitter followers English language, Twitter-only deals are an effective tool that belong in your brand’s social media strategy. Twitter-exclusive content and promotions boost engagement with what you’re publishing on Twitter while also offering a tangible reward to your followers.Show appreciation for your followers’ attention and make it worthwhile to revisit your page. Use your Twitter account to give a behind-the-scenes look at your brand and take exclusive access a step further. Twitter democratizes conversation and affords unprecedented connection with elite brands and personalities. Loyalty and interest increases when you share content accessible only on Twitter.Following and retweeting content from thought leaders and companies with healthy followings certainly offers exposure.Seeking out opportunities for co-promotion, merging offline and online worlds, offers your brand even greater upside. Endorsements from brands and celebrities that connect with your audience provide invaluable credibility in addition to increased reach. As long as endorsements stay on-message and conversational in tone, your followers will appreciate this promotional content.In 2012, Ciroc Vodka partnered with artists and entertainers totwitter retweets bot include exclusive photos and videos from celebrities’ New Years Eve revelry under its #CirocTheNewYear promoted trend. Followers gladly retweeted and commented, helping Ciroc capture the conversation around keywords like “party” and “midnight” on the most celebratory night of the year.

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Instagram changes Design and Layout

A lot of you may have noticed that Instagram has completely revamped their image, we are here to how to get followers on instagram instantly tell you exactly what has changed and what this could mean for your profile. Let’s just take a second to delve beyond the new colours and layout and see what has changed in functionally.The most visible change in our opinions is the new ‘Sponsored’ adverts that you will be seeing across your newsfeed. You can now pay Instagram to show your advert on timelines within a certain location, which could have huge benefits for local business. Instagram uses your IP address to determine where you are located, then gives you adverts to whoever has decided to pay for advertising in your area. Instagram have tried to maintain their user friendliness by allowing users to hide this advert as well as offer some feedback about what they just saw, which will be used to improve the quality of adverts that you see.Instagram have now made 2 step authentication much easier to access and manage.

If you’re not familiar with 2 step authentication, you will need to likes on instagram app connect your phone to your Instagram and every time you log into your Instagram profile, you will be sent a code via SMS that you will need to enter before you are able to fully access your account. This might sound incredibly long winded but will be very useful for people who have a large amount of followers or for people who use Instagram for business purposes. This form of authentication is essentially to stop hackers remotely cracking your password and entering your account. Enabling 2 step authentication is something we would definitely recommend doing, as nobody will be able to gain entry to your account without access to your phone, making you practically immune to hackers.The final feature that we can really spot during this update is the ‘Add accounts’ feature which you can see when visiting your profile, while logged in, and tapping the picture of a gear in the top right. Adding accounts will mean you can switch between accounts easily, without the need to sign in and out repetitively. This is again perfect for business owners who have a business Instagram and a personal Instagram, or for people who have a community Instagram profile and a personal one.It seems that Instagram is tailoring more to business needs during this new update, with all newly updated features appealing to business owners worldwide. Let’s just hope they don’t decide to fully commercialise the Instagram app and remain focused on what the original purpose of Instagram was, to capture and share memories.